That famous cloud


That famous cloud …


France contaminated

  What do the French really know about the consequences of Chernobyl’s radioactive cloud on their country ? Not much … . Our technocrats in nuclear power have had the good idea to make “That famous cloud …” stop at the Maginot line.

  Thirteen years after the catastrophe, one state agency, The Institute of Nuclear Protection and Safety has officially acknowledged the contamination figures on the French territory that the CRII-Rad had announced as early as June 1986. Some places in France like Boréon Forest and the Mercantour Massif have been contaminated up to 800.000Bq/m2 of caesium 137. The contamination rate of the highly-watched area of Chernobyl starts at 555.000Bq/m2. In France, these highly contaminated places are touristic sites !

  Thyroid cancers have increased of 9 % according to the French Ministry of Health, and an investigation dated of May 1999 led by the Regional Union of Health Insurance clearly states a significant yearly increase of 11%. The only exhaustive register of thyroid cancers is that of Champagne-Ardennes that has existed for 30 years. The 1986-1996-time period indicates an increase of 30% for woman cancers, a 100% increase for man cancers, and of 300% for the 12 to 19 year-olds.

   What did the French government at the time lie to us for? Could the recognition of the importance and the risks of the catastrophe have led to challenging the issue of France’s nuclear policy? France is indeed the most nuclearized European country with one third of the European nuclear civilian sites on its territory. It is the second in the world after the United States of America. Despite the various demands from The European Parliament, thirteen years later, there has still not yet been a relevant political intention from the successive governments in power to look for a possible link between current thyroid diseases and Chernobyl.

  For two years, Jean-Michel Jacquemin led a meticulous investigation on the field, among the best scientific and medical sources. He reveals the truth about those who are to blame, but who are they?     

  The second part of the book is dedicated to the sanitary and ecological consequences in the former USSR. Beyond the haze of lies in which some try to hide it, “That famous cloud …” keeps raining on us.