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« On peut tromper tout le monde pendant un certain temps et certains pour toujours, mais on ne peut pas tromper tout le monde éternellement. » Abraham Lincoln

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A présent la Covid-19, le graphène, la protéine Spike et les effets secondaires

 « Une erreur n’est pas une vérité parce qu’elle est partagée par beaucoup de gens. Tout comme une vérité n’est pas fausse parce qu’elle est émise par un seul individu. » Gandhi






A desire to cross the street, to show that those who represent nothing can also annoy,  as our president so aptly puts it, with affection of course, has motivated the author to investigate this "plandemic", and the results are frightening.

By rummaging through American, English, French, European and Israeli government health sites, the author discovered a multitude amount of documents which encouraged him to continue with world-renowned scientists, epidemiologists, biologists, geneticists, oncologists, all unanimous on the consequences of this experimental injection.

There was a very sharp increase in deaths from the injection from the 1st quarter of 2021. In the USA, insurance companies show a 40 to 45% increase in deaths among the 18-64 year old. The second half of 2021 caused more excess deaths among millennials (20-40 year old) than the Vietnam War in 20 years. The 2,620 fatal miscarriages after vaccination against Covid-19 in 11 months in the USA are more numerous than the 2,225 total cases that have occurred in more than 30 years, all vaccines combined.

The increase of pericarditis and myocarditis cases among young men is on the rise and has been unprecedented, as we have never seen so many sportsmen, soccer players, rugby players having cardiac arrest on the field, even young people aged 15 or 17. The South-East of France shows a 30 to 35% increase in deaths for 2021, according to INSEE (French National Institute for Statistics and Economic Studies).

There have been more than 4 million side effects in Europe, tens of thousands of “official” deaths, but they prefer to remove the pizzas that killed two children! Have they lost their minds?

Jean-Michel Jacquemin-Raffestin is known for his books on the ecological and health disasters of Chernobyl and that of Fukushima. He is a specialist in state lies.



MARTINE WONNERWhen you are a passionate, rigorous journalist and an expert on Chernobyl and Fukushima, there is no doubt that the search for truth remains a permanent goal which draws on personal and professional ethics.

So when in March 2020, space-time froze in an immobility imposed by the state, the environment was conducive to an immediate awakening of the curious individual in search of the understanding of an extraordinary and totally surreal situation: the global Covid 19 pandemic!

This is the path taken by the author, with the meticulousness that characterizes Mr. Jacquemin-Raffestin, to enlighten the "sleeping" people, to stimulate their critical approach by removing their fear so well exploited by the consulting firms chosen by the French president.

No need to be a doctor to list the permanent inconsistencies that were disseminated in the successive and juxtaposed speeches, should they be ministerial, presidential or journalistic, and which organized paradoxical injunctions based on destabilizing and well-oiled social engineering techniques.

No need to be an infectious disease specialist to understand that discouraging patients to go and see their doctors and suggesting to them, with great means of communication, to stay at home while waiting for the major signs of respiratory decompensation to occur, went against common sense and against the practice of quality health care.

No need to be a lawyer to be astonished by the freedom-killing and repressive measures put in place for two years, while the public hospital system has been dying due to a lack of human resources as well as a lack of funding to meet the needs... of the epidemic!

No need to be a lawyer specializing in labor laws to denounce the fate of the more than 15,000 professionals sentenced by the Law of August 5, 2021, to social death, leaving them without any income.

This highly documented and well-sourced book does not leave anything to chance and has made a name for itself among the countless literature on the Covid subject.

From Chinese origins to the global strategy of endless vaccine injections, the approach of the author is underpinned by this desire to demonstrate step by step that benevolence is not what has guided governments; the evidence is there, on every page, it is factual.

Citizens must stop believing the declarations of scientists riddled with conflicts of interest or with private companies that have been condemned many times,

They must stop letting themselves be cheated by “journalists” who have forgotten the Munich charter and by doctors who are unfaithful to their Hippocratic oath.

On the other hand, let the readers be guided by themselves when reading each line of the book in confidence, they will perhaps finally take their destinies back into they own hands.

It's time, before it's too late.

Martine Wonner

Psychiatrist, Politician



Communiqué de presse Anglais



Tremors & stupor

10 years later


Preface by Corinne LEPAGE


This book, the result of six years of work and research, denounces a state lie and presents a new perspective, a real health and ecological balance sheet of our planet.

3/11 is what the Japanese now call the Fukushima disaster, a name they no longer want to hear. It was on March 11, 2011 at 2:46:23 p.m. local time that Japan experienced its most terrible earthquake, magnitude 9 on the Richter scale.

This earthquake which will already damage the Fukushima Dai-Ichi nuclear power plant causes a tsunami with a high wave of more than 30 meters at the start and 15 meters when it finishes, which will ravage 600 km of coast, penetrating up to 10 kilometers inland. This tsunami caused the biggest civilian nuclear disaster of all time. More serious than Chernobyl, it will be ranked 7th on the INES scale.

The Fukushima Dai-Ichi plant found itself in the heart of the disaster: Without electricity, there was no cooling of the reactor cores. The cores of reactors 1, 2 and 3 melt and the corium pierces the protective tanks, and all the volatile radioactive products escape. The population is first evacuated 10 km around the plant, and around 30 km the next day. The lessons of Chernobyl have served no purpose. We must not panic the population.

The Japanese mentality makes such an accident impossible, so nothing is planned, employees and managers alike do not make the right decisions because they are not informed of what must be done. Several buildings explode in the following days. Radioactivity spreads through the air and into the water that regularly flows into the Pacific Ocean. Every week new technical problems occur and new leaks show that nothing is under control.

Today, 10 years later, there is a very strong contamination of soils, plants, rice, animals, on the ground and just as much in the Pacific Ocean :

- soil collected from a Tokyo park and taken to the USA for analysis has been classified as nuclear waste

- California Cabernet has been analyzed and traces of cesium from Fukushima have been found.

- fish caught off the Californian shore, and off the coast of Hong Kong are still contaminated with cesium ...

Normal, radioactive iodine-131 is still found in sewage sludge even though its lifespan is 8 days. It

should have disappeared within 10 weeks.

Now, in order for the state to stop paying for compensation, the displaced populations must return to live on land that is heavily contaminated. Hundreds of thyroid cancers detected among children are finally recognized by authorities.

Japan had to close all of its nuclear reactors, a number of which will never be put back into operation. However, it was decided to restart Reactor n ° 1 of the Sendai power plant on the anniversary of the Hiroshima disaster in August 2015. Reactor n ° 2 was restarted on October 15, 2015 and others followed. 9 reactors have been restarted to date.

Jean-Michel Jacquemin-Raffestin is a journalist, a Chernobyl specialist and author of Tchernobyl – Cachez ce nuage que je ne saurais voir (Chernobyl - Hide this cloud that I should not see) published by the same publisher. After carrying out an investigation for almost eight years to tell the causes and the consequences of this tragedy, he initiated another investigation into the Fukushima disaster.




  1. Fukushima, the accident
  2. Problems are never over

III. A chronicle of announced closures

  1. The liquidators, suicide kamikazes
  2. The ecological and health consequences in Japan
  3. The health effects on the population

VII. The risks we are exposed to

VIII. Responsibilities

  1. Conclusions
  2. The tsunami

Testimony of Mickaël Naveau

Chapter 1. Earthquakes & Tsunami

Chapter 2. Stupor

Chapter 3. Hesitations

Chapter 4. Waiting

Chapter 5. Decisions

APPENDIX I Atomic glossary

APPENDIX II The stranglehold of the nuclear lobby over international organizations

APPENDIX III Health consequences






Please, do hide that cloud that I would not see …




Please, do hide that cloud that I would not see …

Preface Professor Dominique Belpomme


Spring 2006 brings back to our minds Chernobyl’s tragic nuclear accident (April 26, 2006) and invites the French to ask questions on the growing number of unexplained cancers that now affect more and more families. Within these two perspectives the dark radioactive cloud that once slid to France slips through, and it did not stop at the border of an ecosystem  Maginot line protecting our territory, contrary to the reason-of-State lies told at the time.

Jean-Michel Jacquemin-Raffestin is an expert in the matter, he is the author of three best-sellers on the topic and has been investigating for more than ten years on the “Chernobyl case” and its consequences in the sanitary and ecological fields that now affect our country, from the Northern haze to the Island of Beauty.

Plutonium at the gates of Paris … Caesium coating the small valleys of Alsace, the Vosges, the Corsican scrub, the true figures of the nuclear consequences, media disinformation, the disappearance of reports, falsification of commission investigations, the real consequences of air, water, fauna and flora contamination, are only a few major elements of that list – rare or new documents to back this up – established by the author of that work. Some pieces of that information presented to the Congress of Madrid in September 1986 were unable to cross the frontiers of the French media at the time.

The book is brave, thrilling and supported by rare and new documents fed with an almost complete study of the consequences of that genocide of the truth which, like a tsunami, turns the lies of the reason of State upside down, and is eager to testify in order to let democracy become a true part of information.

Keep silent about Chernobyl


Keep silent about Chernobyl

Eight to nine million people have lived, and will still live in the contaminated territories of Ukraine, Russia and Belarus for a long time. This major nuclear catastrophe, actually the biggest industrial “accident” in the history of mankind has generated little artistic expression, except for the noteworthy Supplication of Svetlana Alexievitch, and its heroes, the liquidators who have remained anonymous and forgotten. But for all that the event has neither vanished from memory, nor disappeared from people’s everyday life that it literally changed.

How is it possible, twenty years later, to rethink that tragedy whose consequences were from the very beginning, right there and in the West, overshadowed and minimized ?

The book, republished and updated, enriched with new revelations, photographs and testimonies from about more than twenty authors – many of whom are also, in their own way, actors, militants or witnesses – trying to grasp the meaning and measure of the catastrophe. A new theory about the accident, an interview of former number one Soviet Mikhaïl Gorbatchev, reflections on risk management and restoration of living conditions, a clarification of the French sanitary consequences as well as the emergence of an expert evaluation and a citizen mobilization, are all different ways of questioning the evolution of Chernobyl, and consequently the evolution of mankind in the atom Era.

Galia Ackerman, Guillaume Grandazzi and Frédérick Lemarchand have collected the analysis and testimonies of : JC. Autret, B. Boussagol, P. Chevtchouk, M. David-Jougneau, M. Fernex, M. Gorbatchev, D. Grodzinski, JM. Jacquemin-Raffestin, G. Hériard-Dubreuil, H.-P. Jeudy, G. Lochak, L.Noualhat, V. Nesterenko, H. Ollagnon, V. Symaniec and A. Yarochinskaya.

A dialogue between  S. Alexievitch and P. Virilio.

 Autrement Editions – 2006

I accuse


Chernobyl, I accuse …

Sixteen years after the Chernobyl nuclear catastrophe, the truth is still hidden, people are lied to, analysis results are falsified and the French are still being fooled. And yet, people have the right to know to what extent they were despised by the ruling government in May 1986. France is the unique country in Europe whose government took no sanitary precautions to reduce contamination by inhalation or ingestion of radioactive iodine and caesium 137, which are radionucleids resulting from the nuclear fusion of the heart of the Ukrainian Chernobyl station.

As for other health public scandals such as AIDS contaminated blood, commercial and financial interests have prevailed on prevention and precautions that should have been taken for French citizens.

Physicians do know but dare not speak, fearing reprisals.

Hospital nurses do speak as well, but are not listened to. Our health system is the most centralized in the world ; The truth, which is necessarily known by the General Board of Health, could be revealed if authorities really wanted to.

Contrary to what people think, the media do not have the freedom of expression in a democratic country. One had better write about soccer players or sex-symbol Loana rather than truly inform the French about the genuine dangers of nuclear power managed by a powerful lobby that supports the Omerta.

Why are some journalists eager to write an article or speak on the radio about that topic not granted the possibility to do it? The topic is just not talked about !

Why are some judges liable to pressure and intimidation ?

Why do some famous television presenters refuse to introduce to the audience a book dealing with the subject, and why do they also refuse to invite ill people who lodged a complaint to testify ? What for ?

Because it is better to entertain people than telling them the truth. The latter is not always pleasant to hear and would compel politicians to take full responsibility for their mistakes or their dishonest compromise.

Because it is time to reveal the truth,

because it is time to help the ill who are in agony,

because the time has come to foresee the future of our children in case another catastrophe should occur,

Today, I accuse !

Today, the French are sick




Today, the French are sick

 Fifteen years after the Chernobyl nuclear catastrophe, some people in France suffer torments in their flesh or souls, and are consequently mutilated for life. Here are the testimonies of the latter people you are going to read thanks to an investigation carried out without any concessions. Whereas the Hashimotos diseases represented 1% of the hyperthyroïdic sicknesses a few years ago, they currently represent more than 50% of that pathology. This increasing disease rate, supposedly related to caesium according to Bielorussian Professor Yuri Bandazhevsky, was confirmed in Japan after the Hiroshima and Nagasaki events, as well as in Ukraine after the Chernobyl explosion. In France, it is all-out silence about the subject. As early as September 1986, the report of the Regional Health Observatory in Corsica had already announced that other diseases like diabetes, liver, lungs, urinary and colon cancers would develop in areas highly-contaminated by the radioactive cloud.

 Why was that report kept secret for thirteen years ?


Who are the persons responsible? Who are the ones to blame? If one does not take into account the former teachings, what could we hope for our future? These questions risen by an investigation that sets the cat among the pigeons of a State lie are of no lower importance since today, several ten or so complaints have been lodged in a court action with public prosecutor by some victims.

That famous cloud …


That famous cloud …


France contaminated

What do the French really know about the consequences of Chernobyl’s radioactive cloud on their country ? Not much … . Our technocrats in nuclear power have had the good idea to make That famous cloud …” stop at the Maginot line.

Inning on us

            Thirteen years after the catastrophe, one state agency, The Institute of Nuclear Protection and Safety has officially acknowledged the contamination figures on the French territory that the CRII-Rad had announced as early as June 1986. Some places in France like Boréon Forest and the Mercantour Massif have been contaminated up to 800.000Bq/m2 of caesium 137. The contamination rate of the highly-watched area of Chernobyl starts at 555.000Bq/m2. In France, these highly contaminated places are touristic sites !

            Thyroid cancers have increased of 9 % according to the French Ministry of Health, and an investigation dated of May 1999 led by the Regional Union of Health Insurance clearly states a significant yearly increase of 11%. The only exhaustive register of thyroid cancers is that of Champagne-Ardennes that has existed for 30 years. The 1986-1996-time period indicates an increase of 30% for woman cancers, a 100% increase for man cancers, and of 300% for the 12 to 19 year-olds.

            What did the French government at the time lie to us for? Could the recognition of the importance and the risks of the catastrophe have led to challenging the issue of France’s nuclear policy? France is indeed the most nuclearized European country with one third of the European nuclear civilian sites on its territory. It is the second in the world after the United States of America. Despite the various demands from The European Parliament, thirteen years later, there has still not yet been a  relevant political intention from the successive governments in power to look for a possible link between current thyroid diseases and Chernobyl.

            For two years, Jean-Michel Jacquemin led a meticulous investigation on the field, among the best scientific and medical sources. He reveals the truth about those who are to blame, but who are they?


            The second part of the book is dedicated to the sanitary and ecological consequences

in the former USSR. Beyond the haze of lies in which some try to hide it, That famous cloud …” keeps raining on us.