CHERNOBYL :  I accuse … !

    Sixteen years after the Chernobyl nuclear catastrophe, the truth is still hidden, people are lied to, analysis results are falsified and the French are still being fooled. And yet, people have the right to know to what extent they were despised by the ruling government in May 1986. France is the unique country in Europe whose government took no sanitary precautions to reduce contamination by inhalation or ingestion of radioactive iodine and caesium 137, which are radionucleids resulting from the nuclear fusion of the heart of the Ukrainian Chernobyl station.

    As for other health public scandals such as AIDS contaminated blood, commercial and financial interests have prevailed on prevention and precautions that should have been taken for French citizens.

    Physicians do know but dare not speak, fearing reprisals. Hospital nurses do speak as well, but are not listened to.

    Our health system is the most centralized in the world ; the truth, which is necessarily known by the General Board of Health, could be revealed if authorities really wanted to.

    Contrary to what people think, the media do not have the freedom of expression in a democratic country. One had better write about soccer players or sex-symbol Loana rather than truly inform the French about the genuine dangers of nuclear power managed by a powerful lobby that supports the Omerta.

    Why are some journalists eager to write an article or speak on the radio about that topic not granted the possibility to do it? The topic is just not talked about !

    Why are some judges liable to pressure and intimidation ?

    Why do some famous television presenters refuse to introduce to the audience a book dealing with the subject, and why do they also refuse to invite ill people who lodged a complaint to testify ? What for ?

   Because it is better to entertain people than telling them the truth. The latter is not always pleasant to hear and would compel politicians to take full responsibility for their mistakes or their dishonest compromise.

    Because it is time to reveal the truth,

    Because it is time to help the ill who are in agony,

    Because the time has come to foresee the future of our children in case another catastrophe should occur,

    Today, I accuse !